Security Credit Card Wallet A stylish Aluminium Wallet

12,000 Tshs

-Indestructible aluminum wallet -6 Pockets for storing credit cards, bank cards, money, business cards and more. -Ultra slim. -Accordion design. -Water resistant to keep your card and money dry. -Easy open latch for hassle free us -For Both Men&Women

The Stylish Security  Aluminum Credit Card Wallet that grabs the attention of many. Great features, use, and benefits of The Stylish Aluminum Wallet that we'll go through a bit more in detail.

The Stylish Security  Aluminum Credit Card Wallet  is a great little case to keep your financial life safe and secure. You can take advantage for a limited time as you get this excellent one. It is compact, strong and very light weighted which makes it easy to slip into your shirt pocket, back pocket or purse.