GPS Tracker Device - Immobilize a running vehicle!

150,000 180,000 Tshs

Yes It is danger to immobilize a running vehicle! but how can you stop from thieves! this is your solution, press button buy below to make your order. Karibu sana.

Giving you capability of remotely switching off the vehicle, the car is fitted with a remote immobilizer, and a radio signal from a control center miles away will ensure that once you switch the engine off, thief will not be able to start it again.

Other feature shows as follows

  • Has GSM quad-band systems worldwide.
  • Built-in overspeed alarm, remind speeding.
  • Built-in geo-fence, reach intelligent vehicle anti-theft.
  • Illegal movement of vehicle alarm by the services platform.
  • Achieve real-time vehicle location tracking, text messages and computer services platform to support location identification.
  • ACC ignition signal detection, vehicle status prompt.
  • An external relay, remote power off the oil function.
  • Support OBD easy setup.
  • Support for Apple/Android smartphone system client remote control.

Means has super fast web-based maps, accessible from Either Computer, Smartphone or Tablet with an internet connection. Supervisors or drivers out in the field can see the same view.