Fuel Monitoring Solution

290,000 290,000 Tshs

Optimize the expense and to reach fuel efficiency, Price tag only for service charge. Call us for better Service Up to your door step.

Fuel Monitoring Solution is used to monitor and track fuel inventories, fuel purchases and fuel dispensed. This information can be stored in computerized systems and reports generated with data so the fleet owners can access anytime they want. Fuel monitoring Solutions send alerts when refueling is detected or if there is a drop in the fuel level without vehicle movement. Alerts are also sent if the engine is turned on and vehicle is stationary. This ensures that the owner/fleet manager is aware and keeps the driver honest.

Ultrasonic fuel level sensor is an advanced vehicle fuel monitoring device which is designed for the fuel management needs of company fleet. This sensor can detect the fuel theft, optimize the operating costs, optimize the driver’s driving behavior and auxiliary statistical decision.

The main solution to consider when going to install Fuel consumption sensor;

  1. Preparing works equipment tools & the fuel tank
  1. Preparing custom length FLS
  1. Installing the FLS
  1. It is recommended to perform a sensor “training”.
  1. FLS connection to the PC.
  1. Prepare Equipment for configuration.
  1. Wiring setup for FLS configuration, here will  calibrate wet and dry calibration
  1. Global settings fields for the Pro FLS
  1. FLS connection to the FM device
  1. Adding security seal to the sensor 
  1. Finally will advice for quality Ultrasonic fuel sensor device to buy.