Air Conditioners (Ac) Cleanliness & Repairing services.

30,000 Tshs

The best way of reducing risks associated is to have them cleaned/repaired, Only Jays can do that better. Price branded is for Split Ac service.

Regular cleaning of your air conditioning unit brings about a lot of monetary and health benefits for you and your family. Its wrong to think like an unnecessary to clean and repair your air conditioning unit.

Apart from health problem like Asthma and Skin Dryness also a dirty air conditioning unit consumes more power mainly because your unit is forced to work harder raising its operating costs. 

Jays will help to avoid Expensive Future Air Conditioner Replacement by making cleanliness. 

Each Kind of Ac services in Dar es salaam has its own cost as follows;

  1. Split Ac service cost 30,000/=
  2. Floor Standing service cost 40,000/=
  3. Ceiling cassette service cost 80,000/=
  4. DVM ac cost service 300,000/=

For other kinds, we ill give cost after check point. Karibu sana upate huduma bora kutoka Jays trusted brothers.