Indian Runner duck ( Matured 8' Months)

120,000 160,000 Tshs

Runner Ducks are also often raised as pets or as show birds. The price branded just for single duck male or female to choice. For both male & female Indian Runner discounted up to Tshs 220,000/= karibun sana.

Runner Ducks are usually purchased because of their striking and whimsical appearance, but they are also very productive birds and serve a very useful purpose on the farm or homestead. 

This Hatchery Choice is an economical way to add some Runners to your backyard or farm. We will send you whatever colors we have available. You might get a mix or all the same color. Either way, you will get a kick out of these unusual looking ducks.

Runner Ducks hold themselves in a vertical posture that is reminiscent of penguins. They look very tall and upright and move about quickly at a fast waddle, which always brings on a smile if not a chuckle. They are whimsical ducks.

Production: Runner Ducks are very effective and industrious at insect control. They were originally bred for controlling pests in rice production. Beyond their sustainable insect-control purpose, Runner Ducks are prolific egg layers. They outlay many breeds of chickens, laying over 120 eggs per year. They lay nice, large eggs with a light tint. Runner Ducks usually do not go broody. 

Temperament: Runner Ducks are energetic and high strung. They forage actively and constantly, seeming to purposefully cover the entire yard in their search for every bug. Runner Ducks are also often raised as pets or as show birds. They can be a bit nervous, but this is made up for by their strong herding instinct. Their herding ability makes them very easy to manage. 

History: Runner Ducks are an old breed, originating in Indonesia. They were bred and raised both for egg production and for pest-control in rice paddies. Runners made their way into Great Britain and Europe in the 1500's. 

Colors that you may receive:

Black: A pure black Runner Duck with an olive-green sheen, brown eyes, and dark charcoal feet and bill. 

Blue: A slate gray Runner with darker gray bill and feet. Drakes tend to be a bit darker overall than the females.

Chocolate: A pure, even chocolate-brown Runner Duck, with brown bill and feet. Looks very similar in tone to an actual chocolate candy duck. 

Fawn and White: A striking Runner Duck that is mostly white with specific patches of ginger brown coloring. The ginger-fawn patches are on the face, lower neck, breast and wings, and tail. Legs are bright orange. Drakes have a lighter orange-green bill than females. 

Conservation Status: Recovering

Weight: Males 4.5 lbs; Females 4 lbs.

APA Class: Light Duck