Phone Screen Magnifier, Amplifier with Folding Stand Holder Portable.

40,000 45,000 Tshs

If you often watch movies and videos and are tired of uncomfortably staring at a small screen, our screen amplifier is perfect for you.


- 12 inch mobile phone screen amplifier. Large field of view, high-definition magnifying screen, reducing radiation.

- Compatible for All Smartphone IOS & Android (iphone, Samsung, Google, Huawei, etc.).

- Using HD optical technology to enlarge 2-4 times on the screen of mobile phone, the picture is clear, providing you with the most unique visual enjoyment.

- Can filter harmful light sources to provide radiation protection and prevent visual fatigue caused by long term reading of novels and watching movies and videos.

- No battery required, delicate and compact, easy to carry. Suitable for indoor, travel, camping and anywhere.