Security System Detectors & CCTV Services

Discount after site surveying, Price does not include materio.

550,000 Tshs

Press GET SERVICE, up to your Door Steps Tutakufikia. Price given is for gps trucking Installation & Advice on how to truck.

50,000 Tshs

0% OFF

Optimize the expense and to reach fuel efficiency, Price tag only for service charge. Call us for better Service Up to your door step.

290,000 290,000 Tshs

This device Installation applicable and Alert when the vehicles Overspending, Night driving,harsh breaking, & If goes out of route. {Price branded is for Installation, requirement not included but will advice which one is better to buy}

95,000 Tshs

29% OFF

Press GET SERVICE, up to your Door Steps Tutakufikia. Price Branded, requirement does not included just for Single Package of IDS Installation.

50,000 70,000 Tshs

We provide Access Control with multi-factor authentication No more keys, no more passwords, just a biometric lock. Price branded is for Iface 880 Multi-Biometric Access Control Installation.

200,000 Tshs

37% OFF

We serve & Install a wide variety of video surveillance systems, don’t go for cheap when looking to hire an installer. Go for expertise. Go for established. Jays are here for you. Karibuni sana.

38,000 60,000 Tshs