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Along with your regular programming that you get from your cable or satellite television provider, you can access content and programming on the Internet from the same device.

385,000 430,000 Tshs

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This Light and breathable patterned scarf provides a fashionable statement any time of the year looks good in spring, summer and winter. Choose your favorite color & will deliver it up to ur door step. Welcome

22,000 35,000 Tshs

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Please refer to describe the size details before ordering. Simple design makes it great for home & holidays celebration.

35,000 55,000 Tshs

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Our perfume oils available in a 50ml, 40ml, 15ml, 8ml & 3ml, in a size of glass container, most portable and ease of touching up while on-the-go.

29,500 45,000 Tshs

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Very durable with area dimension 200×200×145 cm it is enough for 4 grown up adults.

120,000 170,000 Tshs

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It is wonder quality product which ensures you are supplied with fan and light at all time even after power cutoff

30,000 45,000 Tshs

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A very durable and quality product from masters of energy saving,giving you both luxury and sustainable energy during power cutoff

220,000 270,000 Tshs

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Best new massage roller

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The new rechargeable LED lantern is durable black and lovely.It comes with a firm handle a rotary switch and USB output,220mAh battery capacity,40SMD and 15 hours maximum lighting time

24,500 35,000 Tshs

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A guaranteed power supervisor in your household

24,500 45,000 Tshs

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This product gives you both style and convenience. Purchase at very discounted rate here at

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Use it as standalone mobile phone when insert sim card or use it as bluetooth dialer headset when connected to ur smartphone.This mobile phone simplify Receiving a call with a nice quality speaker via bluetooth & listening any audio media.

42,000 69,000 Tshs