Cctv Security Camera

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Security First success ill become Next.

380,000 550,000 Tshs

Whenever motion detected, wireless kit will response quickly and sending you an alert to inform you immediately.

750,000 Tshs

Simple Three Setups, Easy to Use. Support IOS/Android/Windows devices for remote view. Control your camera just by finger's sliding on the screen Built-in Dual-Antenna(WIFI+433) for extreme reliable High-speed and stable network connection. Supp

120,000 Tshs

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IP Camera Wifi Security Surveillance Camera VR 3D Cam

95,000 135,000 Tshs

CCTV Security Recording System With P2P Cloud Function; Support Android, iphone, ipad, & pc cms view;

600,000 Tshs

Support HD-TVI, AHD, analog cameras input

1,900,000 Tshs

it’s the best outdoor camera for parking lot, warehouse, park, seaport, traffic etc.

990,000 Tshs

Trusted Life Guarantee What's included/Packing List 1x 16CH AHD 1080N DVR NVR HVR AHD Recorder ( 1TB hard drive pre-installed in DVR for Recording) 1x DC 12V/2A Power Adapter for DVR(cUL&FCC&CE certified) 1x User's Manual 1x USB Mouse 1x IR Remote Co

1,900,000 Tshs

*Consist of 8ch full 960H/D1 DVR network video recorder + 8*800TVL infrared indoor camera + 8*60ft cable for CCTV security system. *Support 8channel full 960H/D1 CCTV cameras preview, record, playback, etc. *Multiple ways to access on the PC, phone/p

1,000,000 Tshs

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Full HD 1080P for sharp clear videos This wifi system transmit digital signal and restore the most vivid images for you without distortion. It's the highest resolution for wifi wireless system now. The latest P2P cloud service technology offers you e

550,000 610,000 Tshs

* Best choice for project reconstruction. You can upgrade an old analog security system to 1.0MP/1.3MP HD cameras without changing cable routes. * AHD (Analog High Definition), a new video format for enhanced CVBS (COMET*) & HD video transmissi

70,000 Tshs

Enjoy HD images with this 2 Megapixels 1080p HD

60,000 Tshs

Color picture is clear and crisp and you can angle it how ever you want....360 degrees

120,000 Tshs

You can easily manage your 4 cameras via the Internet (or local network) in complete security.

180,000 Tshs

This video surveillance equipment can record images registered by their cameras and is very easy to use.

250,000 Tshs

Multiple selectable recording options are available such as motion detection, continuous and scheduled recording. This enables you to choose the appropriate recording type for your security needs and to maximize the number of hours of video you can r

350,000 Tshs

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U Can hear Recorded Voice with cleare 2MP HDCVI IR Eyeball Camera, Max 30fps@1080P.

75,000 95,000 Tshs

The IR Megapixel Fixed Bullet camera delivers 2MP resolution with a choice of 3.6mm fixed lens.

65,000 Tshs

Long transmission distance over coax cable, support 4/8/16-CH synchronous playback at 720P resolution.

190,000 Tshs

The range offers a great solution for users facing budget constraints who both require quality and performance.

280,000 Tshs

Display and playback of all channels at 1080p

350,000 Tshs

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Enjoy Full HD 1080P Clear images with sound & 4g usb modem supported digital video record.

660,000 850,000 Tshs

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Audio dvr builtin with 3/4g usb modem

870,000 1,000,000 Tshs

This cable is convenient because it has both power and video cable wrapped in a single jacket so you don’t have to run two separate cables.

95,000 Tshs

Surveillance Storage offers exclusive AllFrame technology to bring you premium reliability and peace-of-mind when installing your home or small to medium business security system.

150,000 Tshs

The hard drive features Seagate 2TB-per-disc technology and takes your surveillance storage further with lower cost/GB to support HD resolutions

220,000 Tshs

This internal hard drive is a breeze to install, allowing you to simply use it in systems supporting SATA I and SATA II interfaces.

350,000 Tshs

The RG-59 Coax cable is the professional’s choice for CCTV systems

280,000 Tshs

LAN Cable is suitable for small office cabling solutions such as data networking, CCTV installation, Landline IP Telephony Cabling and Much more.

150,000 Tshs

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Capable of handling the latest ver. of power over Ethernet

310,000 350,000 Tshs

Over Current protection: when over current occurs, the power supply will automatically switch to self-protection status, when condition removed, then switch back to normal.

50,000 Tshs

10 Amp 18 Output DC Power Supply Ideal for installations using up to 18 CCTV cameras Housed in a rugged metal enclosure with a lockable door

70,000 Tshs

12Volt DC supply complete with surge protected outputs.

90,000 Tshs

Simply & professional! Easy to use & install ! Easier for cctv camera installation, save time and save money.

80,000 Tshs

Hikvision Hybrid Video Recorder Full HD

660,000 Tshs

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You can connect up to two monitors directly into the NVR to view live feeds or playback

900,000 1,200,000 Tshs

Hikvision 2 MP HD 4 Channel DVR with 2 MP 1080p 4 Bullet Cameras + 1 TB Surveillance HDD + (3+1) Cable 100 Mtr + 4 Channel Power Supply + BNC & DC Full Combo Kit

1,500,000 Tshs

It can be used with Hikvision 1MP, 2MP and 3MP Turbo HD DVR, Can Be Watched Online, High Quality Branded Product, Installation is not included.

40,000 Tshs

It can be used with Hikvision 1MP, 2MP and 3MP Turbo HD DVR, Can Be Watched Online, High Quality Branded Product, Installation is not included.

60,000 Tshs

It can be used with Hikvision 1MP, 2MP and 3MP Turbo HD DVR, Can Be Watched Online, High Quality Branded Product, Installation is not included.

75,000 Tshs

8 channel digital video recorder, allowing up to 8 cameras, which performs to a high level allowing recording at up to 960H

205,000 Tshs

Hikvision 16-CH Turbo HD 720P DVR.

300,000 Tshs

Big brand HikVision 4ch dvr support up to 4mp camera

180,000 Tshs

255,000 Tshs

340,000 Tshs

210,000 Tshs

380,000 Tshs

Full High Definition 1080p

900,000 Tshs

This AHD camera can record color videos at night that allows a business to run smoothly.

85,000 Tshs

2 MP ColorVu Fixed Bullet Camera

120,000 Tshs