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Clean the floor in a quick and easy way with our 360° Spin Mop with Bucket & Dual Mop Heads! The mop heads are made of deep-cleaning microfiber that absorbs water and cleans up dust and dirt. Soft fiber won't scratch the floor so you can rest assured

45,000 /=

Round shielded design minimizes shackle exposureMax Security6,000 lbs. cut resistant5 Pins Hardened shackleIncludes two (2) keysKeyed differentUses M1 key blanksWeather-resistantLifetime Warranty for defects in material and workmanship

14,000 /=

If you have ever come across any video showing a blender crushing bottle, then it's this blender. It's not meant for crushing bottle anyway. But that video shows how strong this blender is in crushing food. And it's a high capacity multifunctional

100,000 /=

For Easy And Luxury Domestic Coconut grating this is the best so far,buy now before it is too late as the original indian machine is the best

150,000 /=

Silver Crest SC-7031 Touch Control Waterproof Multifunction Electric Ceramic Stove Portable Counter top Stove Burner. Help you in the kitchen like an extra Partner. This Stove is your Other Hand in Helping kitchen.

120,000 /=

Closes a bag in less than 10 seconds or sucks a bag in less than 20 seconds, which is very fast and easy. Compact size and lightweight design for easy store. Be careful with the heated sealing edge, recommended for small food preservation industries.

90,000 /=

Kidonge cha kusafisha choo chako automatic kinaondoa uchafu wote, kuua wadudu na kuacha harufu nzuri.

5,000 /=

Jagi linalokufaa zaidi katika msimu huu wa baridi ktk kukufanya usiwe na mashaka kuhusu upatikanaji wa maji moto.

19,500 /=

Heater hii inachemsha maji haraka kwa kutumia umeme kidogo na muda mfupi.

11,500 /=


175,000 /=

This is a powerful outdoor Lamp by Lontor brand. It has stood the test of times over the years with its long and durable battery life that can last you up to 30 hours (the torch) and very strong materials it is made of.

30,000 /=

Feni ndogo ya mezani inayokaa na charge masaa mengi,lakini pia ina taa kwa ajili ya emergence umeme unapozima nyumbani au ofisini na ni ya kisasa.

45,000 /=