Security & Network

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Feel free from locked, your Comfort stuff is large Move here an there. Yes its Panasonic 2.4GHz Digital Cordless Wireless Phone

125,000 195,000 /=

Motion detection, video tampering, network disconnection, IP conflict, illegal access 12V DC / PoE power support.

120,000 /=

*Introducing D-LINK Cctv Range* *Affordable & Trusted brand in the market*

350,000 /=

Allow two computers to share high-speed DSL, cable modem and Ethernet ports No router required.

10,000 /=

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2 MP ColorVu Fixed Bullet Camera

92,000 120,000 /=

This AHD camera has 2mpx (Price 75,000/=) & 4mpx (Price 120,000/=) all record in colored videos at all tym Night/Day that allows a business to run smoothly.

75,000 /=

Even if you aren't home, remote monitoring will alert you to any fire emergencies at your residence. These connected system will send alerts to your smartphone and fire emergency personnel that will respond to the emergency in a timely manner.

810,000 /=

The landline features a white colour along with an ergonomic design of the landline lets you hold it comfortably when making or receiving a call. It also features switchable tone and pulse settings with well spaced keypads.

35,000 /=

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The Garrett Metal Detector also has a self-calibrating digital microprocessor technology, which eliminates the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments.

75,000 120,000 /=

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Ideal for installing in the living room, allowing users to cleanly organize the telecommunication network cables easier.

19,500 35,000 /=

HDMI faceplate to embed or overlay.

35,000 /=

VGA HDMI Audio RCA Faceplate Wall Plate Outlet Terminal Block Socket Panel

45,000 /=