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Eco-friendly COB lamp beads, long life and high brightness with energy efficiency. Come with high quality lanyard on the bottom for easy hanging and carry. 4 lighting modes for free switch as desire with simple pressing button operation. Built-in min

25,000 /=

75,000 /=

-Can enquire 50 years of calender -Calender Month  day week -Temperature Display-Heating  Cooling Tips -fashion design home decoration  -LED light at a glance 

45,000 /=

Looking for an all-star high-performance blender without an excessive price? This Scarlett 2 in 1 Blender Model 999 is the one. It is also among the quieter models so you won't have to worry about waking roomies in the a.m. Its easily powered through

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This machine is a beast in grating coconuts,be it commercial or domestic and it is produced by masters of kitchen equipments "Maxel" an Indian company. Buy yours before it is too late

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This toy for kids car transforms into human robot in just one click,it is the best at the moment.

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The best gift ever for your children,as the world shifts toward technology and innovation make sure your children are not left out

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If you are looking for the Modern Way to save for you or your children then this safebox gives you a very updated options,it is even possible to keep your personal documents and jewelleries

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This product is use for Facial spa, blocked sinuses, coughs, colds. Its functions includes activating the hydrophilic factor and replenish water in skin, with vaporizer  and inhaler promoting the regeneration of collagen, reducing hair cracks etc

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Protection against rain and UV light or cold Size 200cm × 200cm

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Perfect for family camping. Enough for 6 People. Portable(Easy to fold and carry) 220cm × 250cm

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Access and organize all your photos and files from one spot. The SanDisk Memory Zone app lets you easily move content between your phone, microSD cards, SanDisk Dual Drives and cloud storage.

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