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Connect your HDTV Projector / PS4/PC/TV /Mini HDMI Digital Camera/Tablet male to your HDTV with a true HD connection!

12,000 25,000 /=


The landline features a black/white colour along with an ergonomic design of the landline lets you hold it comfortably when making or receiving a call. It also features switchable tone and pulse settings with well spaced keypads.

35,000 45,000 /=


THE PERFECT POWER SOCKET with USB and charger with 2 metres cable

19,000 35,000 /=


Receipt Bill Printer for Business, Restaurant, Shopping Mall, Mini Market and usefully for smartphone and computer

195,000 255,000 /=


This Light and breathable patterned scarf provides a fashionable statement any time of the year looks good in spring, summer and winter. Choose your favorite color & will deliver it up to ur door step. Welcome

15,000 22,000 /=


If you are looking for a blender that caters for your Commercial needs in blending, Pureeing, and crushing, then here’s a deal, the AVINAS AV-128 3LBlender/Juicer

182,000 290,000 /=


You will be able to defend yourself in any situation thanks to its electric shock, This taser works as flashlight for seeing in the dark, laser mode for presentations or others and electroshock for self-defense or against fierce animals.

55,000 95,000 /=


This small electric shocker is great for personal protection as self defence and quick use when needed even against fierce animals.

37,000 55,000 /=


This item is not eligible for international shipping. Only inside Tanzania, up to your door step. Choose Jays for better services.

75,000 95,000 /=


Fashion design for showing your charming personality.Click Buy in wholesale for more enquires.Colours and sizes are subjected to stock availability.

45,000 75,000 /=


Ni Pack nzuri kwaajili ya zawad unapata saa, heren, bangili, pete na cheni. Describe aina gani hapo unayohitaji ... pack number moja, pack number 2 au pack number 3.

65,000 95,000 /=


Built to help college students. Yes its abroad used but clean like new! Lets make life simple for IT and educators with an easy-to-carry, It converts easily from a notebook to a tablet and moves seamlessly between the classroom.

395,000 460,000 /=