Sports Yoga Fitness Balance Ball Exerciser

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Sports Yoga Fitness Balance  Ball Exerciser - 45cm Pink

Want to own an enviable figure? This 45cm PVC yoga ball contributes to shaping a perfect curve for you. It is great for your spine and back health since it enables for you to build strength, tone your muscles, greatly increase your flexibility and improve balance. It is absolutely a good fitness equipment that never let you down. 

General Description:
  • Made with thick and durable PVC materials, easy to clean and carry
  • Anti-slip design makes training safe and increases exercise efficiency
  • Suitable for pilates, yoga, weight training and other balance sports
  • Can build muscles strength, improve body health, and shape a perfect figure
  • Humanized design, fashionable and durable 

Note: The product that you purchase is in the state of compression (not a ball shape), you need an additional air pump to inflate it to the effect as it shows in our picture.(Air pump is not included)