Biometric Access Control Installation

200,000 /=

We provide Access Control with multi-factor authentication No more keys, no more passwords, just a biometric lock. Price branded is for Iface 880 Multi-Biometric Access Control Installation.

Biometric access control systems are shaping the future of business security across the globe.

There are many different biometric access control systems available on the market that offer various features, but has Classified into two types such as Physiological Biometrics and Behavioral Biometrics.

The physiological biometrics mainly include face recognition, fingerprint, hand geometry, Iris recognition, and DNA.

Whereas behavioral biometrics include keystroke, signature and voice recognition.

So you should describe which kind of yours we are going to install.

Some tips to consider when installing an access control;

  1. We will Start with a consultation to identify your expectations and requirements of the biometric system to be friendly user.
  2.  We will trainee how to create clearance levels for tiered management.
  3. We have to know does it offer remote access?
  4. We should ask Is it a keyless entry system?
  5. Does the access control system cover multiple properties and floors?
  6. Are there advanced features like biometric readers for improved security?
  7. Can it sync with additional security accessories?

Down here are some kinds of physiological biometric Access control & its Installation cost inside Dar es salaam.

  1. Iface 880 Multi-Biometric Time Attendance And Access Control - cost 200,000/=
  2. Electric door Access Control system - cost of Installation after site surveying.

Also for more types you have, the cost given after check point. Karibu sana upate huduma bora kutoka Jays trusted brothers.