New Six Pack Care Plus

285,000 350,000 /=

A perfect workout machine at home ina mazoezi yasiyopungua 21 ndani ya kifaa hikihiki kimoja. Ina menu inayoonesha mazoezi yake yote. Ktk eneo dogo unaweza kukamilisha mazoezi mengi na kwa muda mfupi.Kifaa muhimu sana kwa wale waliobanwa na shughuli

New 23 in 1 Six Pack Care plus with bicycle With resistance on the way down and up with every rep. With dual resistance plus double the workout in half the time! This provides a full 180 degree range of motion. It can isolate and train lower, middle, and upper abs more range of motion means a much tighter core! New Six Pack Care is totally adjustable to any fitness level! The ideal amount of resistance on the way down and the right amount of support customized to specific fitness level coming up. That means everybody can do it!