Web Development & Server Administration

400,000 550,000 /=

Our developers are good to analyze website performance and work with website stakeholders to prioritize strategic updates and improvements. Karibun sana

As web developers, we make sure the content are proper analyzed, graphics and underlying structure meet both the goals of you as website’s owner.

Our Website Builders also are Cloud Based tools which give you:

  • Great variety of Website Templates
  • Easy to use interface for updating content.
  • Cloud Web Hosting which takes care of Security Updates, Feature Updates , Backups and other Geeky thing.

Here are some hints we will apply to create a good design.

  1. We will work together with our Graphic Designers to design the website
  2. We have great developers to convert the design into the code.
  3. We will help to buy a Web Hosting.
  4. Upload the website to the hosting.
  5. Launch the Website
  6. 50% discount for website maintenance tasks like Backups, Content Updates, Image Updates etc
  7. Price branded is only for web basic platform.