Ajwa Al Madina Dates, The premium Gift 500g (Tende)

45,000 /=

Mtume wa Allah Amesema kwa yeyote atakaekula tende Saba aina ya Ajwa kila siku asubuhi hatodhurika kwa sumu au Sihiri! Reference from Bukhar "hadith sahihi"

Organic Ajwa dates harvested regularly and direct from Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Ajwa is a great source of fruit, alternative to SUGAR as well as a great cure for all illnesses. Dates are generally soft, both dry and wet dates are available. Sizes varies but in this price, packed in 500 grammes.

The Gift Of Ajwa are in premium Ajwa dates straight from the farms of madina. Our dates are hand selected for there jumbo size and are pesticide free giving you that authentic Ajwa taste. Our dates come in a premium gift box in 2 designs which are The Gift Of Ajwa and Ramadan Mubarak. This is perfect gift for friends, family, neighbours and a person who has fallen ill. Give someone the gift of Ajwa from Jays Store for only 20 USD.