Intercom PABX Telecommunication Installation

25,000 /=

Our Service charged per each telephone extension.Service Charge does not include material just for work site after surveying.

Intercoms are generally permanent fixtures in the space that they connect to another via communication and utilize hardware such as walkie talkies, telephones, public access loudspeaker systems, and wall mounted speaker and phone systems.

The PBX system is a system that requires a system administrator, whose sole responsibility is to receive telephone calls and redirect them to the relevant office. That system, however, is outdated. Nowadays, the PABX automated system allows everything to work automatically, thereby reducing expenses and cutting down on wasted time.

Here are Some tips to consider when installing PABX telephone system

1]Research & Preparation

2]Migration & Setup

3]Post Installation

Some of Requirement to install.

1) PABX Machine (consider best brand)

2)Console phone

3)ID caller phone

4)Rj11 / Rj45 faceplate modules

5)Cat 6 / telephone cable

6)Data Network Cabinet (Option)