Sonashi analog bathroom scale offers weighing scale for personal use. It's an attractive, solid and easy-to-use analog bathroom scale features a sure-grip, highly textured mat with a solid steel base and plastic platform.

50,000 /=

Ni set nzuri ambayo inakupa option nyingi katika gym yako ya nyumbani..ukizingatia kipindi hiki ambacho miili.yetu inahitaji sana mazoezi hii si ya kukosa.

350,000 /=

WHAT IN THE BOX Storage bag Multifunction Abdominal Wheel Workout book

55,000 /=

Ni Set nzuri sana na unaweza ku adjust uzito kulingana na fitness level yako. Pia unaweza kusafiri nayo kwa kuwa inabebeka kirahisi,kwani ina plastic case yake maalum kwa ajili ya kuhifadhi. Si ya kukosa nyumbani hii.

150,000 /=

Ni set nzuri ya mazoezi kwa ajili ya nyumbani na safarini. Inakupa nafasi ya ku adjust uzito kama fitness level yako inavyotaka. Inabebeka kirahisi pia kutokana na kuwa na mkebe wake mzuri plastic.

230,000 /=

It comes with its plastic case for carriage Usikose hii kwa ajili ya mazoezi yako nyumbani na unaposafiri pia kwani inabebeka vizuri kutokana na mkebe wake

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What You See Is What You Get

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Colours Available At Stock Are Red/Blue Etc

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-Capacity: one pair of 5kg = 10kg -Enhances kinesthetic awareness -High quality material -Ideal set of weights for professional standard training in your home

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This is one of our quality best product at very low rate

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-One size Fits all -Contour foam cushioned fit provides padding Ankle & Protects Achilles Tendon -Exclusive Design places weights away from ankles -Permits full freedom of movement -Touch Fastener Closure

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