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This machine is a beast in grating coconuts,be it commercial or domestic and it is produced by masters of kitchen equipments "Maxel" an Indian company. Buy yours before it is too late

400,000 /=

Protection against rain and UV light or cold Size 200cm × 200cm

65,000 /=

Perfect for family camping. Enough for 6 People. Portable(Easy to fold and carry) 220cm × 250cm

75,000 /=

This bag is multi-purpose and fits all works of life, from school, travel, camping, style, etc. Make sure you don't mis this one at very affordable rate

50,000 /=

23% OFF

The look is very sweetable but also unique from other thobes.

170,000 220,000 /=

Mashine hii inasaga nafaka na kutoa unga kwa muda mfupi,pia viungo na vitu vigumu pia,namna ya kuitumia ni rahisi na ni yenye kutumia umeme mdogo.

350,000 /=

35% OFF

Multi-functional. Can be used as a laptop desk for bed, a standing desk at office, a writing/drawing desk, or as a breakfast serving tray in bed for lazy mornings.

55,000 85,000 /=

Ni pasi nzuri ambayo huhitaji meza kunyoosha nguo,lakini pia unaweza kuitumia kama steamer ya uso kwa mvuke wake.

150,000 /=

21% OFF

Suitable for smoothie, ice crush, fruit juice, veg juice, soy milk, sesame soup and etc.

142,000 180,000 /=

It can stop children reach the cupboards and drawers with shap and dangerous items inside and prevent kids from finger pinching and crushing.

10,000 /=

Bidhaa nzuri sana kwa bei poa

55,000 /=

Bidhaa bora na ya kisasa kwa watu wa leo

25,000 /=