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Built-in frequency 2.4G Hz technology Built-in digital and analog model technology Built-in double high-quality motor for mega vibration External double AA batteries power designed, endurance capacity of more than 10 hours (batteries not included)

30,000 /=

Pressure sensors that highly sensitive motion control.

55,000 /=

33% OFF

Built in Intelligence Chip, Many Innovative designs. No worry about Over-charging Protection,Over-current Protection, Short-Circuit Protection and so on. Enjoy your games.

30,000 45,000 /=

Brand New Original Product

180,000 /=

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Make Regular Tv into Smart Tv powered by Android 8.1, easy to use and supports Google Assistant and Chromecast as well as delivering a world of content the whole family can enjoy

180,000 250,000 /=

Put this 25-inch Ouling LED TV in a bedroom to enjoy movies comfortably.

250,000 /=

Put this 19-inch Homestar LED TV in a bedroom to enjoy movies comfortably.

190,000 /=

A brilliant LED back light renders crystal-clear images, true blacks, and the most vivid, life-like colors.

720,000 /=

Put this 21-inch Ouling LED TV in a bedroom to enjoy movies comfortably.

210,000 /=

Unleash premium movies and TV shows in just a few clicks, in addition to free content with Channel Plus. And experience it in a whole new way with remarkable 4K clarity and ultra-accurate color.

1,950,000 /=

Slim and lightweight, this TCL smart TV is adequate for modern home entertainment.

900,000 /=

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A wide spectrum of accurate life-like colours will make you feel as if you’re part of the action, with super white whites and deep blacks to draw you into every detail.

1,060,000 1,260,000 /=